We are Lucid Planet, a 4 piece band from Melbourne Australia. As far as genre goes, we would put us somewhere in the realms of progressive, psychedelic, tribal rock/metal. Rather than aiming for a specific genre, the music just comes from the combined input of the members. We get together to jam and write and this is what comes out. As overused as the word is, getting this band to the point it is at now really has been a journey. We are not the same people we were when we started, and the music has become something none of us foresaw in the early days.

As much as we possibly can, we like to aim to do everything ourselves. This is an artistic vision that belongs to the members of the band. We like the idea of figuring it all out on the way rather than paying someone to do the work for us. We believe that this keeps the vision clear and true to what we want as a band. In doing this however, it adds a lot of extra work and stress.

We recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, put together the cd package and booklet for the album. Even this website has been made by one of the guys in the band. We think it’s important as an independent band to remain independent, and even when the stress and pressure gets overwhelming you stick to your vision and push through it.

We have said from the beginning that the album and all the music would be available on a pay what you want basis. This album has taken so much work, and the equipment we needed has cost us a lot. But in the end of the day, we want this to be heard, far more than we want money from people listening to it. If people enjoy it they will pay, they will come to shows, they will spread the message. If you enjoy the album, and it means something to you, please pay what you think it is worth. If you are low on money, download it for free now, and pay us back when things are going well. Trust us we are no strangers to struggling with money.

We hope you enjoy the music we put out, and that it means something to you. Also we hope that in some small way we can offer the insight that you don’t need fancy studios, expensive technicians, marketers or labels. You just need drive and something you desperately want to share with the world. The rest will fall in to place.