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Lucid Planet II
Lucid Planet
Anamnesis Entrancement Organic Hard Drive Offer On the Way Digital Ritual Face the Sun Zenith
Our connection breaks, buried beneath what we were
So much at stake, no more to give
Our conscience bears every broken scar
Let memories fade

No more to gain, count what we've lost
Again from the start or are we too late
To forget what we've made and become who we are
Or will we let this escape?

Now perceptions change, unveiling all untruth
Distance between so far, uncertainty so strong
To say that's the way it is, this is what we've got
Is just not enough

Are we drowning
Lost, unclear
Or realising time has seen this through
Recede or to
Concede and
Say that I’ll bare it all
Forgive this worn retort
But God, there’s nothing left for us here

I'll be there
Tomorrow can't be seen
Embrace what may rise
Push through on the other side

Enter the unknown (We'll see this through)
Bring truth to what can be (with who we'll be)
Embark without fear (without fear)
Face yourself on the other side

(You know that)
I'll be there (I’ll be there)
Tomorrow can't be seen (Cannot be seen)
Embracing what may rise (What may rise)
In light while we’re alive