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Thank you

As an independent band, we rely heavily on support and contributions made by you. Anyone who buys a physical album, buys a digital download of $20 or more, or makes a donation of $25 or more can be listed here as a sign of our appreciation.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for listening and for helping us to keep this vision alive.

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The higher the contribution, the higher on this list your name and message will be displayed
Paul Absolute legends! Creative, dedicated and also just happen to make truly awesome music. Give them a listen if you haven't already, you will not be disappointed!!
Shane Williams Randomly discovered you guys on Spotify... you are now one of my all time favourite bands along with Tool and AIC. Your music is unique and captivating. I hope you reap the rewards you so deserve. Kudos also to Mr Crystalface. His artwork is a perfect compliment to your music. Bring on LP III.
A thankful soul Your stuff is fantastic <3
JambaJew GG airshipa
Jack blevins Lucid Planet has easily become one of my favorite bands to date in such a short span of time. The music is flawless and builds such an atmosphere that takes you through so many worlds of sound. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the coming years! Much love and if you all ever come to the States, Ohio will be ready for a show!
Tyler l Your music is some of the most unique I've heard. I can't wait until you come tour in America. Hopefully you'll do a show in Ohio
Glom Thank you for sharing your extraordinary music, you are exceptional. Can't wait for Lucid Planet III.
Dan Anderson You have my support! I believe in the work you do, and I hope this helps you all on your journey to create more. Thank You!
Andrew Please keep the fantastic music coming. My absolute favorite music out there.
Kathy and Eric Love the good energy. Keep up the great work!
Julien Cavi Breathtaking, authentic. I never thought i would ever find something so unique from a young band.
Kyle Lucid Planet and David Faulkner are the future of art and music, I’m happy to be here in this moment
Kyle Smith Awesome psychedelic prog music, a must listen for fans of the genre.
Ozar Keep it up boyz! One love shaka vibez! Greetings from Siberia!
HARLEY Spread Love everywhere you go...Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier - Mother Teresa
Josh n Thank you for the inspirational music! Keep the good work coming!
Dan Anderson Music for your soul, it’s an experience the World needs. I wish you guys the best and a world of success.
David Palmer Thank you for this impressive masterpiece that has transcended beyond your first album. There's only one other band who's music would simply impossible for to grow tired hearing, because there's always something fresh in it. I love your sound, song and your independent heart felt hard work that you've pour into this wonderful burst of light. I truly thank you for this lantern that you've raised
JMacK Musicians who create art with a vision of originality and uniqueness are often those who will be heard by future generations, decades from now. Thank you Lucid Planet for creating art that is not easily forgotten. Much love.
Dalt0n You guy's are incredible. Love love love it.
edsmeds Continuing the dive into the collective unconscious, continuing to peel the onion, continuing the spiral. Keeping the faith.
Julien Cavi After the first album, i purchased LP2 without listening to any teaser, knowing this long awaited piece will become part of my music life from now on.
Taylor Plambeck Tasty, psychedelic goodness. Cheers from Socal
Umi76 Love the new sound guys. Zenith is awesome - can’t wait to see it live. Hope you guys make it big. Keep it up.
EDSMedS Filling the void that echoes my subconscious. My only wish is for more.
Vikinggress Here's my thanks for your piece of art. Magnificent work!
Brodieman No words can describe how righteous this whole piece is, absolutely unreal, big love to all
Eric Ventura The best bands ever have changed members but they have known how to still sound great, and you have done it too Can't wait to hear the full album experiencie Best regards from Spain Hope you can continue growing
A man Your music is amazing, make more, don't stop. Wow.
Ryan Nuns A sound with which to journey through space (inner and outer). Maybe one day we’ll find harmony here on Earth but until then I can always find solace in great music. Thank you, Lucid Planet.
Marco Chili Thanks for your music. Sincerely for me is unique, mistic and one of My Best spiritual energy. Regards from Chili!!
Marko Your work makes my day great. I wish you all the best from the music-gods. Hopefully you guys will continue a long doing so great stuff!
Elp congratulations on getting your first album out there. You can see all the hard work, persistence and creativity that has gone into it.
Jake Lucid Planet have come a long way from when I first saw them play live, many years ago. Their first album was very impressive, a great showcase of their talent. Their influences were reflected, but their sound felt very clear and defined. I've found their music filled with powerful and profound moments, I am so grateful to have been able to experience it grow and change over time. From what I've heard of the second album, they're really exploring and fleshing out all the unique qualities that make their music great. I can't wait to hear more...
John Dooms Very happy to support your brilliant work? Let me know if you ever release any vinyl. I’d pay for a quality pressing of a limited [box set].
jjrk I count the days!
Chrissy&Jim Very toight!! Destined for great things. Proud as!
KEVOOO Love you guys. Been following you since the beginning and it has been a phenomenal journey. I loved the single and can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. Seriously LP you've changed my world in ways I can't even explain. Here's to many many many more albums love y'all and love LP ??????
nao Happy Birthday Leo Sanchez :) - ur pug retriever
Ray Ray Rox Looking forward to my signed copy
Sean burgess This is amazing. It takes you on a musical journey with both the audio and visuals which is just truly amazing and it leaves you in awe of what you are seeing and hearing. I wish more bands incorporated visuals in their music, Lucid Planet is leading the way. Thank you guys!!
Cam Carstairs One of the most original, creative and beautiful pieces of music I have heard in my 40+ years. Still hearing new and amazing things after about 30 spins! Breath-taking.
Eric Ventura Guys, you rock!
Camilo I discovered your album on Spotify and instantly fell in love! I cannot wait for the new album. You guys are incredible and I hope you guys blow up the way you deserve. Already got my brother and friend to become fans as well. Thank you for this amazing album.
dznd_mtr love you guys. hope to see you live some day.
drees music is so genius, love them.
Bahne Petersen This album is absolutely gorgeous. It was recommended on Youtube and since then i heard it on spotify and i thought i need to support these guys buy buying the album. I think the style is similar to Rishloo and Tool of course, fantastic.
Guyute Let it RIP!
Christian I've listened to the whole album on spotify so many times I felt it necessary to give you guys the support you deserve and buy the hard copy. Thank you all for putting together such a beautiful piece of art. I can't wait to see what you guys do next! Much love.
teesside tony top of my play list - amazing debut. thank you lucid planet and youtube!!
Nick Awesome stuff. Cant wait 4 more
Martin Rappensperger great music. greetz from austria
Luis Guerra No amount of money can match the feel i get from this album. Amazing work. Ill wear the shirt and play the album everyday till i die.
ChewiestWheat Such excellent music. Thank you for sharing.
Mick E Hi from UK. Been listening to music for 35 years and these days its rare to hear something that makes me think wow! you guys did! keep it up and best wishes in all you do.
Sagen I was utterly floored by this album. You've captured a truly entrancing and transcendent sound. This has honestly been one of my favorite albums in years. Keep making incredible music, friends. Cheers.
Temporal 1990 Amazing music underappreciated. Better than mainstream Tool you should be bigger than them hope this money helps with your life. Seek peace and be love in this chaotic world we must be the love and change we want to see.
MARCO The best music in the world!!
Brandon b Please keep up this amazing music. I hope I have the opportunity to buy more music from you for the next album.
Diana Your work is beyond human imagination. Not only the sound you guys deliver, also the accompanying art is phenomenal, especially the videos! OLM053 is my absolute favourite. Excited to see more of you in the future
Zdenek Thank you very much. Your musical project is absolutely ravishing. Hats off !
Frank Think for yourself - Question authority Love & Light
mirwitch Great work, Keep going!
jusbo23 Good stuff, wish you guys the best of success doing what you love! We get to indulge in the byproduct of your fruitions, and I appreciate it.
Sam Mckee Hey Guys, Keep up the great work, love the album. Heard it once and had to buy it. Can't wait for your guys next release.
MARCO FROM CHILI Amazing are the best!!!!!! Your music is mystic and magic..thanks!! I am your fan!!
Juqa Amazing stuff, I'd really love to see some more! Spices up, but also distracts me from studying.
Tyler I had to buy the album after listening to the first few minutes. I hope to hear more of you guys in the future. Awesome work!
Josh coates I met Darcy at soliton drop over the weekend, and he was kind enough to give me a physical copy. I've been listening to it in the car ever since and I really dig your sound!! Keep up the good work guys, you really have a lot of potential.
Louie Guys, this is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work and try and line up some South TX, USA tours!
ricky dope dope dopety fuckin dope dope
tone Awesome. been looking forward to this album for a long time. Congrats!
Franck Varasifsky Just discovered your album on YouTube and was convince to lay down a 20 (ok ok Canadian 20$) on it. Hope you come to Montreal, Canada one day.
Jean-François VIDAL Hello, Your music is wonderful, way above what's generally done today. I hope you'll go on with it and give us a new album soon. Best regards.
Charles Listened to this album off Youtube and instantly loved it. I will be starting a radio segment on Tune In Australia within the next month and rest assured I'll be playing your music on it!
Matty Truly art and inspirational. No one gets me into the flow like Lucid Planet. Their music is wise and can touch the heart just as well as the mind. Cannot get enough and will definitely double-dip. Ya'll deserve every penny & then some.
Aladin discovered this album three weeks ago and it's been on loop ever since. Thank you for this amazing artwork! Cant wait for your second album.
"I am" -T4PM Peace and one love visionary Tribe. <3 Absolutely blown away! Good vibes from Minnesota-Composition A
jesus parra I honestly listened to this new album and I was amazed by all the great work and dedication they put into it, especially organic hard drive with those psytrance rolling bassline and digital ritual with a dubstep and electric effects.??
Floe Please make a third!
Panagiotis Michail tsakiris The times are dark, now it's a little bit brighter
Cory Gulland Such a creative a powerful album. I can't pick out a single favourite song but Organic hard drive is the bravest song i've heard in a long time, and maybe ever. p.s get jade in on the next project as well please
Haley Loving the first two singles and can't wait to experience the exquisite sound and visuals. Amazing musicians!
BlossomyLion Absolutely in love with this band. Made my first ever CD purchase for this band!
Benjamin Tuominen Keep the fantastic music coming, I can’t get enough. Please tour near Chicago when the calamity is done! Peace and love from the USA
Robert I am sooo hyped for the new album. I love the new song!
Aslan in FL Thanks for the art you guys produce and keep staying true to yourselves. It has been a pleasure listening to your evolution as a band.
Mateo Always will support you guys. You guys rock.
PixelPhobiac Keep, going, spiral out!
kitty This new album is a psychedelic rollercoaster. I felt like I was ripped from this planet into another dimension, then skull dragged back to earth kicking and screaming. Crazy
Sean Chase You guys are rapidly climbing my list of favorite bands. Only Tool and Hurt have made me this excited for new music before!
Y'all make some amazing music. One of my favourite bands. I'm keen to listen to the new album.
TRISTAN M Your last album was a divine journey of self discovery and I'm sure the next will be too.
James Carstairs Absolutely amazing release, definitely AOTY for me. You guys are creating something really special.
icetonic I already liked the first album quite a bit, but this one... it just blew me away. It showcases nicely most things that I like about prog. Great vocals, smooth and effortless genre switching, from Tool-esque tribal beats, to techno-rave, to folk, to oriental, full of surprises while still sounding natural and unique. Thank you for this magnificent album! I am already curious about what you are up to do next.
Juan avendano Thank you guys for this beautiful album. I am extremely happy that you guys are releasing this level of masterful music in 2020. I listen everyday on Spotify, but I feel it’s only right that I purchase the physical copy and support my favourite band so that they continue to make amazing music. Thank you guys!
Meiel I was really hoping for this for a while. Found the realeases of Trätas and Natas. Now I found this. Listened to it on YouTube, bought T-Shirt, Hoodie and Album. Beautiful.
Kacey I already purchased a digital copy but I love it so much and listen to it every day I wanted to contribute more. No need to send another copy, please just keep making awesome and meaningful music. 770
Duane Palmer your music just blew me away! i haven't bought an album since 10,000 Days but i cant give u my money fast enough. good luck to the band and hope to see more of you.
Ron van Leeuwen Tool by Lucid Planet...!!? Cool for having this.....tnx, Ron the Netherlands (Utrecht)
Darien Just what my soul needed You should be so proud of what you guys have created here. Utter Masterpiece
Francisco & Ceci Awesome work guys!!! Love from Argentina
Tyranos Thank you guys, please keep up the exeptional work!
J-bird Yo, found you guys on Youtube. You rock, keep'em comin guys!
Lakin Fantastic album!! Will definitely be making all my friends have a listen!
Eeyeore Great CD lads, well done!
Xolomon Rosales Amazing album I can't wait to hear more out of you guys!
Connor Thank you so much for giving this spiritually fulfilling music to humanity
Wodzjar Keep up the good work! Awesome album and had to support the band by buying the album. Awesome sound and breathtaking tracks. Greetings from The Netherlands!
nathaniel works Found you guys by chance and was blown away with your sound. Don't let anyone discourage you, make the music you want to make. I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the next album, and wish you luck in all your musical endeavors. Best wishes- Nate
Gaz This is the good stuff!
MARCO FROM CHILI My best regards!!!
Oscar L. You really fucked up my mind. Great music and great art also!! I cannot avoid the idea of 'mayan' inspiration on the album cover and so other ancient cultures but mainly 'mayan'. Greetings from México.
J.S. Blown away..... in time the world will follow !!!
Christian Mørch I introduced Tool to my son and my son introduced you guys to me. Worthy heir of progressive rock welcome to this lucid planet
Kyle Clark Amazing album guys! I hope we can hear a lot more from you guys. Rock on! \m/
Tripack Hi,j'ai trouvé votre band en me baladant sur you tube,et c'est vraiment bon bon.I'm buy it to support you,thank's for this great music.Vivement le prochain.
heavymay thank you for this great album i love it , greetings from the netherlands
Nathan in Dubai Massive thumbs up guys! Thankful that a couple of random searches on youtube led me to this album and ive been fixated ever since. great to see epic music coming from the aussie scene. keep up the awesome work!
Jonathan This album haunts my ears.
Kyle Broadus Holy Hell. Just discovered your debut. Really excited about exploring it further!
Lee Gonzalez I for sure feel the Tool influence. Great album, I'm looking foward what's next to come
Joram Like the love-child of Tool and Karnivool, conceived to the tunes of Forty-six & two, in a very good way... Keep it coming!
Kenneth A welcome gift you guys are
Pgalanis great sound........Visit Northern California on a tour.
Wallis Fantastic work guys! This album is amazing!
Harrison Francis You guys are absolutely amazing!
luxxy heard you through youtube sounds great guys! you planning playing in brisbane anytime? ill be following you on fb!
Cody Amazing stuff guys, can't wait to hear more!
Andy Guys,ive literally just found you like 20 mins ago. Im not even half way through your album but i just need to have it in my collection, big Tool fan here but your music is something else. Well bloody done :)
Jacob Boslet Absolutely fantastic art has been made on this album! Thank you guys for sharing your talent with the world!
Xavier When an album is so good that you buy it a second time just for the physical version.
Zoe Fitzpatrick So impressed Dan! Can't wait to hear the whole thing :)
Sycarian First heard your stuff on youtube and was so surprised you guys don't have a bigger fan-base but that will change soon! Great stuff guys, its hard to find a band like this and have been searching for a while and finally found it. The album was worth every penny, if you guys start touring soon please come to the US. Cheers!
Erik Shadwick Amazing! Heard it on YouTube and immediately knew I had to get the disc. Stellar vocals and instrumentals -- a real gem. Love to listen to this album while I work. Keep up the excellent work!
Nexprofit ya'll are great creators beautiful art, you can feel it resonate inside. I might use it for meditation
Neil W Listened to it start to finish on YouTube. I love it I want it in my cd collection. I don't suppose you have it in vinyl lol???
Redtah Love the music and love the fact that you're willing to let people get it for free so they can share it. Told all my buddies about you.
Dryicefox Thanks a lot for the great study music.
Beata Thank you so much for the beautiful music! Greetings from Austria :)
eastrocker1957 Class Album !!! Keep it up and take time to tour Germany
Fin I've been waiting for this since the first time I saw you guys live.
Alex. Di Pietro There's so many moments that are worth reliving again and again. I'm really keen to see what's next!
Britch2tiger Looking forward to your album after hearing your EP!
Matt 'Wolf' Ross Congratulations on the launch of the album. Some of the best music i've heard in a while.
Cousin Harry Hey Luke and band! Congratulations on the album release! I would have loved to have witnessed it, but these fresh tracks will more than suffice! Hope it has been successful! Both in terms of a well entertained audience and enough funding for a possible overseas journey ;)
arosound well done
marten10bones Love the album. Beautiful!! Wonderful artists indeed. Looking forward to hearing more! Thank yous guys!!
Carolissimus Great music, amazing !!! Like to TOOL - that's a compliment.
Akiman Epic album, one of the best I've heard these last months. Keep it for the next !!!
ocean thank you guys this is the music i've been waiting for i listened to the the first track on youtube now i must say i like your vibe!
Eitzey great fucking album, hope to see more from you guys soon!
Hunter Adams Your music is out of this world. Seriously. I love it so much. I hope to hear more in the future.
Robert Liked it by the first listen! I hope you guys will get more popular and make more great musik!
Diego C. Amazing work, keep it on guys! can't wait to hear you live. Love from Mexico!
CPM This might be the cornerstone of an awesome career - keep it up!
CUPS I am purchasing the digital copy to donate to your cause! Just promise me a gig over in the northeastern u.s., eh? :)
Keith Ferrell You guys have made something beautiful, and I hope to see more from you in the futrue! This album is fantastic! even my 5 yr old son loves it. I took advantage of the pay-what-you-want for a free album, and loved it so much, I bought the physical copy to keep and display. If you love stuff like Tool, get this CD. The lead singer sounds a bit like Sade in the softer vocals, then rips right into full-on Maynard James Keenan sometimes. It's great. The background music alone would be worth paying for. I love it.
Thomas You don't have to send me the album, since I've already downloaded it without paying for it - so, this is to ease my bad conscience... ;-) best regards from switzerland & furthermore just the very best for you guys as well as your music.
Jack Caldow Thankyou all for producing such an intrinsically special compositional experience, I can't wait to hear what comes next soon!
Yuri This music gives me energy to move on. Thanks for doing it guys. From Lithuania with love.
Cory Hey darcyyyy
pinealoma Whoever referred you on Reddit was spot on! I've been really connecting with this album and look forward to future work from you guys. Hope to see you tour the states one day!
Rees Cowne Requiem is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Thank you guys. You need to play in London.
Can i just have a chip implanted in my ear that plays this album on repeat all day long? Thank you guys for putting your hearts and minds into creating this energy you share together and manifest through your music. I'm thrilled to know i can get a hard copy of your cd! literally, i listen to your album (found it on youtube) almost everyday! A lot of times, over and over even! I seriously can't get enough of it! The sounds, the energy, the lyrics... i really am grateful to have discovered your music and it truly is inspiring. I'm even humming songs when im not able to listen... Man, i'd buy a whole box of your cds, if i could, and give a copy to every one of my friends that i know would appreciate this magic as well... i love you guys and really, infinite thanks and blessings to y'all.
Passivate This album is sooo tasty. Thank you!
Alec Killer album guys, can't wait to see what you guys do next.
Kyle Caithness I was listening to another band on Youtube, and when that album ended a full upload of this album came up. I'd never heard of you guys before, but the music is fantastic! I love the Middle Eastern style influences, and you guys are all fantastic musicians. Keep it up! I'll be looking forwards to more from you!
Johan Klovsjo I just discovered this album on youtube, great stuff!
dom keep it up that way and you will have a bright future :)
Trevor You guys are onto something, really excited for everything you guys do. If only there was a way to download in FLAC
Rick A Great CD!! This is why I love YouTube because I find great unknown bands there!!! I mean, in the States, I have never heard of you before!!! Love this band!!! Fantastic!!! Great loud!!!
Yvres What a pleasant discovery ! Rousing and relaxing at the same time, I feel transported through the space. I hope that my modest contribution will help you for the future.
Gilles from FRANCE Hi LUCID PLANET MEMBERS, sometime the discovery of new band is a nice moment. I'm very attracted by the music trip you PROPOSE. I HOPE tHAT YOU wILL GET MORE AND MORE INSPIRED. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! WITH MY DEEPEST RESPECT!
Eric W. Hey guys, I signed up on patreon but I could not live with myself if I didn't get a physical copy of the album. I've had a few great conversations with you guys on Facebook and you guys have been nothing but awesome to me. The world doesn't deserve you guys!!! If I could make a request, I would love to have a signed copy of the album. I know it's a lot to ask and I completely understand if it's too much to ask but I would be HONORED!!!
pablo vela hace poco que escuché este gran álbum, le recomiendo sin duda, es más auguro un gran futuro a esta banda y a esta música
Emil Kalchev The more I listen to this album, the better it gets.
Hanneke Guys, this is a totally awesome debut album. I totally love it, you can really feel how much energy you have put into it. The album is going to ship to the other side of the world for me, just like some 20 years ago when my cousin from Straya would send me music from bands she loved :-) but it doesn't feel right to just download for free, with all the work you have been and are doing. Keep it up, you sound amazing!!!
Isaiah Oliver You guys are awesome! Keep on making beautiful music, I'm along for the ride!
Mateo Been listening to this album for months now. It's a masterpiece and this CD will be something to show to all my friends and family. Keep up the great work guys.
Vu Le keep changing the world my dudes <3 waiting for the fire 2nd album
CynicalSmoke Instantly fell in love with you guys when I found you this year. Keep up the amazing work!
Chad A must hear for any fans of the progressive music genre.
Claudio GREAT, thanks!!!
David lockwood You say thank you, but I must thank your wonderful minds and talent, the joy your sound and messages takes control of my body and fills my dreams of future endeavors with hope. One album is enough for me, two unimaginable journies i foresee. Now i must congratulate you, a job well done, all those whom are in due credit are appreciated, so clean, so tantalizing, what direction. What brought you here? Legendary stories i imagine. So thank you again, passionate minds called lucid planet.
Benjamin sick music guys. keep it up.
avalok amazing band!!
Postman Krit Wish I could deliver this album to all the letterboxes I work with